Truth is Truth is Truth is Truth. Everything known and unknown, is founded between the Cornerstones of this great Foundation. It extends in every direction of every dimension.

Truth built the path that leads from the past; forever heading toward the future. Yet, the Roots of Truth are always planted in the present.There is Just One. That is Truth.

Truth bears but One Seed, Wisdom. Wisdom’s Fruit bears Two, Twin Seeds, Knowledge and Understanding.
Truth equals ONE. Wisdom alone equals One; If Wisdom stands with Truth, it is TWO. For ONE plus One equals TWO. If Knowledge stands alone it is One; if Knowledge stands with Wisdom and Truth it is THREE. For One plus One plus One equals THREE. At last is Understanding; if Understanding stands alone it is One. If it stands with Knowledge, Wisdom and Truth it is Four; for One plus One plus One plus One plos One is FOUR. Now Truth is ONE with Wisdom is TWO with Knowledge is THREE and with Understanding is FOUR; add these up together and they contain all in that and that in all. ONE plus TWO plus THREE plus FOUR equals TEN The number of completion.

ONE plus ONE = TWO;   ONE plus ONE = TWO
Truth plus Wisdom =TWO Knowledge plus Understanding = TWO
1+1=2     Balance is Key   1+1=2

2   Balance is Key  2

NATURE’S CRUEL METHOD One of Natures cruel methods is after 40 years old, you start to lose your sharp memory. This poem was started and finished, almost 20 years ago. But that copy was lost and I could not remember the ending (aside from hypnosis, which I have never tried) I figured it was a loss due to time and rewrote another ending. The moral to this introduction is eat your blueberries. They really work.



Lightning flashed and swiftly struck a pine tree to the ground.

Fire flew with sparks that grew consuming the dry Autumn grass.

The thunder roared a frightening threat that made the forest tremble,

then faded with the howling wind, rushing down the canyon.

The blazing forest cracked and popped, while cinder showers were falling hot.

Where gusting winds spread the flames, was up the mountain, across the range.

It jumped the river.  It hopped the pass. It blackened the vast of deadened grass.

The prairie fields that carpet these hills, giving the critters their daily meals; Like those mighty timbers that  towered so grand, No longer covered this magnificent land.

Into the brush rushed the moving stream.  A crimson red,  the forest gleamed.

Ash and rain danced with soot, while twirling smoke curled afoot.

Upon the distant mountain peak, her foothills glowed, her sight was bleak.

Soaring high, hear the gusts she speaks, hunting her prey, stalking the weak.

Flying low, feel the wind she whips, whispering caution in her lips.

Soon the rain over came the flame. Overfilling the rivers.  Washing away whatever remained of the smoldering earth and her charred terrain.

It might be destructive. Its method cruel, still it’s an all natural

recycle and clean-up tool.

A ritual cleansing, a glacial facial, I just call it Nature’s Mud Makeover.



Our universe in motion

is like

the moving parts

of a celestial

cosmic grandfather clock.

Everything follows a specific pattern

of motion, a path,

a cycle which drives

our emotion.

A cycle of Love changes

from a cycle of hate;

that emerges out

of a cycle of peace

into a cycle of war.

Each cycle always

rotating from some moment before.

In front of our eyes

to pass again

as our lives re begin.

Like a past

long adored,

A cycle of passion


to a cycle of pain,

from which a cycle of loss

turned tables

to a cycle of gain.

Cycles are traveling

in most mysterious ways;

Till the end of this earth

and the last of her days.



Childhood pain, seems at the time, to be our worse but then we all take another step up to that stairway…where ever it goes.

Then our teen crisis peaks and our hearts are crushed, except, they always inflate again, as we keep up pace to take with our hearts a few more steps up to that stairway …where ever it goes.

By the time we reach about midway,  our tender childhood hearts are a toughened, tangle of muscle.  We find time to stop and look down, to see how far we have come and yes, it is a long ways, but we are just getting started, warming up.  Life is still sometimes painful, just not so bad.

We look up, to see how far do these steps go but our view is obscured by clouds.  From here on pain is more frequent, some very close, others more distant.  Occasionally a very sharp pain rocks and shakes us to our very feeble core.  Yet, in time, we must get up another step.  For in this life there are no quitters.  Besides, the  “stop button” is on the other side of life.

Life is forever.  Our body is just a bit of fuel for the soul.  Just like our brain which never shuts off, just goes on undetected by modern science.  No it never quits, not in this life which carries us on through the next. It continues on forever, just like the stairway we climb everyday wondering if it will ever end…and no,  there will always be another step something to stop and look forward to.

As our ascent might be the only thing slowing down,  pain will be our companion and our last memory of this place and all we’ve known, as we step up more stairs.

At that last step we take, we will know that we have finally arrived to where ever it is that that stairways goes…who knows but I’ll bet that pain won’t be our companion but just a faint memory.  Forever pain steps out.  Love steps in forever.

These words were written for our beloved friend,  who lost his battle fighting Lung Cancer April 30th, 2014.